[Red Shimmer] Boots w/o Bows
[Red Shimmer] Boots w/o Bows
[Red Shimmer] Boots w/o Bows
[Red Shimmer] Boots w/o Bows

[Red Shimmer] Boots w/o Bows



All boots that come with detachable bows run the same size-wise, but vary in colors + materials. Boots have laces in front + real zippers on the side to get them on/off easily! Each pair of these boots will come with a set of 2 bows. The bow have a hair clip clasp closure. These can be clipped on the back of the boot, onto the shoe strings, in their hair, worn on dolls or clipped onto purses + book bags!

PLEASE NOTE: The clasps on the bows are very fragile and are considered FLAWED! They are fairly loose. They were simply too cute to cancel, so we include them for FREE w/ each pair of boots sold. If the middle piece falls out of the clasp, the bow will still clip shut. If they are broken or break, we will not be able to replace them. We do not have any extra sets available!

These boots are considered a dress boot. They CAN and will scuff if the toes are dragged along anything while worn! They are not intended to be worn to daycare, to play outside with, etc. Many and most customers do purchase to wear for these intentions but we are not responsible for damages!!!!


Based off of customer reviews, these boots are True to Size [TTS]. Please feel free to visit our FB Group + check out our Boot Sizing Thread for more reviews!

PLEASE NOTE: Boots run TTS + they do not fit the same as our TSP bow shoes.

If you purchase a size that doesn't fit or incorrectly ordered the wrong size, you can always re-sell your TSP items on our The Spotted Phoenix, LLC Resale BST FB Group.





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