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The Spotted Phoenix

Welcome to The Spotted Phoenix, LLC! We sell a variety of children ' s items from head to toe! We also have some youth, teen + Mama items. My name is Brooke and together with Darren we have 4 children: Fischer, Avery, Phoenix + Jhett. All of our kids are busy little things with BIG personalities. Every day is chaos and I wouldn 't change it for anything!

In Fall 2015 I decided to start a little shop. At the time I was a stay-at-home mom of 2. I’m a busy-body and always have to be “on the move”. I wanted to start something that I loved and I decided to start a shop as a side hobby. It has blossomed + grown more than my wildest dreams! The shop started as Pip Squeak’s Boutique and this was the name of the shop that we grew with for over 6 years. My daughter Avery, a.k.a. "Pip Squeak" is the inspiration behind almost all of our items. When she was a baby, she was tiny little Pip and made little "squeaking " noises so that is her nickname. Over the years PSB continued to grow + grow. Our Facebook VIP page alone has 40 THOUSAND fans! We would not be where we are today with YOU!

As our customer base grew, expanded + changed, so did the shop. Over time we started offering larger size selections, more accessories + youth, teen + Mama items. Great things are always in the works + the future has never looked brighter! The past few years I have wanted to change the shop’s name. I wanted something that was strong + meaningful to represent our dynamic environment. I chose The Spotted Phoenix in Spring 2021 after weighing ideas for what I wanted, what the shop represents, and collaborating on names with my assistant and sister.  Throughout the next several months the shop worked on changes towards our re-branding. Pip Squeak’s Boutique grew + was reborn into The Spotted Phoenix, LLC.  

Not only is the name Phoenix our second son’s name, but the symbolic meaning behind the name is what makes it special + perfectly fitting for our shop. The phoenix is an immortal bird associated with Greek mythology that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again. Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from its predecessor. Phoenix represents transformation, strength and renewal. In other words, it represents something new that has been born. The phoenix Spiritual meaning is associated in many cultures with the power of Fire, that being the power of rebirth, passion, intensity, motivation and courage.

When Pip Squeak’s Boutique started, our brand was Pipperdoodles. This logo will be on many of our items in the future, but eventually everything will be The Spotted Phoenix. Our most sought-after items here at TSP are our bow shoes. We started with only a couple colors and have now offered over FOUR DOZEN options! Many are sold out and rare to even find in the BST world. We also offer boots, slip on shoes + high top sneakers. Another top-seller is our patented ruffle cardis + vests. We have a variety of colors and prints. They are functional (great for seasonal changes, chilling mornings/nights, outings) and the perfect accessory to "top off" any outfit. Our product selection continues to expand + grow as our shop does.

I am blessed to have so many customers + followers. Our family here at The Spotted Phoenix is just that! On our Facebook group page, we love seeing your kiddos too! It' s so exciting to see their cute little faces and the amazing outfits you pair up for them. We work hard for YOU! We will continue to provide unique yet practical items + top notch customer service. We strive to exceed and will always be the shop that you grew to love. We are so glad you found us and stay tuned..........because amazing things are always in the works!