"Diamonds in the Sky" [Loved] Faux Glitter Vintage Length Twirl Dress

🙌 They have a BUILT-IN pettiskirt! Layers of tulle + lace give this dress amazing "poof" The larger sizes don't appear as full due to the weight of the fabric, but all sizes have the same amount of layers.
🎇 This dress is faux glitter (not actual glitter!). It's a smooth fabric. The material has some stretch. 
🌼 In general the dresses fit true to size. They are a soft milksilk fabric so they have a little stretch. Sizes 12 Months-3T are vintage (shorter length). Sizes 4T + up are a shorter dress length (not regular dress length but not as short as the smaller size's vintage length).
🌸Lighting + editing can make the dress material + lace appear different shades.




What's all the rave about?